Cardio Workout

Any type of aerobic exercise—treadmill, rower, stepper or stationary bike—which causes the heart to pump at 60% to 70% of its maximum rate; a optimal workout is thought to be > 20 minutes
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And an HIIT workout typically takes less time to complete than a traditional cardio workout.
* Running: If you're not hurting and your form is fluid, running is a cheap cardio workout you can do almost anywhere.
A simple cardio workout like the one outlined below will help maintain your cardio fitness levels and burn some serious calories.
It's a great chance to get some quiet time in addition to a full-body and cardio workout. Introverts and other personality types who need time alone to reflect and recharge can benefit from getting into a flow that may feel almost meditative.
| DIGGING: Digging is a great cardio workout and an excellent way to de-stress.
JILLIAN MICHAELS, KILLER CARDO, PS10.99 Fans of Jillian's 30-Day Shred will be thrilled to hear that the six-packed one has produced her first all cardio workout DVD.
She revealed that it had been a year since she mastered the skill, which serves as a cardio workout and requires focus and coordination.
Other snacks you could reach for after a cardio workout include a plain banana, nuts, or some wholegrain toast with either ricotta and fruit, or cottage cheese and tomato.
It was found to be as effective as a 45-minute steady cardio workout.
Supported by music and qualified instructors, participants get to hit lots of tennis balls during the classes and have a cardio workout at the same time.