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Chief or principal; in embryology, relating to the main venous drainage.
[L. cardinalis, principal]


/car·di·nal/ (kahr´dĭ-n'l)
1. of primary or preeminent importance.
2. in embryology, pertaining to the main venous drainage.


Etymology: L, cardo, hinge
pertaining to something so fundamental that other things hinge on it, such as a cardinal trait that influences one's total behavior.


A gene on chromosome 19q13.33 that encodes a protein involved in apoptosis which is highly expressed in the lung, ovary, testis and placenta. CARD8 inhibits NF-kappa-B activation and regulates cell responses controlled by NF-kappa-B transcription factor. It may be part of the inflammasome, a protein complex that activates proinflammatory caspases.
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For an hour and a half, Cardinale spoke about her start as an actress when she was a little girl, her first participation at her first Cairo International Film Festival, and her friendship with the late Egyptian actor Omar Sharif.
Recently the Cardinale Automotive Group achieved the #4 ranking in WardsAuto e-Dealer Top 100 in North America list.
Ida Cardinale, 75, has been selling ice creams in Victoria Park for 50 years 240315IDA_05 PETER BOLTER
Cardinale is a familiar name among North Fork locals and summer residents.
Most famous internationally for the "brains and beauty" she brought to Blake Edward's all-time-hit, The Pink Panther in 1963 co-starring Peter Sellers and David Niven, Cardinale has fought her whole life.
For 54 years I've been doing this work [acting] and I have received so many prizes I don't know where to put them," Cardinale told Khaleej Times.
cardinale isolates of diseased tree samples from seven Mediterranean countries, eight California counties, Chile and New Zealand.
My name is Jessie Cardinale and I'm the Executive Editor of State Constitutional Commentary.
Christopher Cardinale was chosen to illustrate this story due to his experience as a "cartoonist and community muralist with a social justice message.
Italian actress Claudia Cardinale won "The Best Actress" award with her performance in "Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak" (Signora Enrica) in the festival.
BIRTHDAYS: Claudia Cardinale, actress, 72; Marty Wilde, singer, 71; Lord (Jeffrey) Archer, author and disgraced politician, 70; Emma Thompson, actress, 51; Samantha Fox (pictured), former model and singer, 44; Ed O''Brien, rock guitarist (Radiohead), 42.