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The longest growing seasons were at the southern and eastern expositions, meanwhile the shortest growing season period was inconsistent among the cardinal directions, although it was least common at southern slopes.
The cardinal direction calculus (CDC) [3-5] is a very expressive qualitative calculus for directional information of extended objects.
The cognitive ability to operate the device and understand and demonstrate the O&M principles of lateral directionality, positional concepts, cardinal directions, definitions of landmarks and clues, and basic spatial awareness are additional considerations.
(33) lho "height" succinctly for "the height of the son" or "the cardinal direction in which the sun reaches its highest position" For the name of the fourth cardinal direction, byang "North" (which certainly has nothing to do with 'byang 'cleanse') I see no other possibility than to bring it together with 'bying "sink." This affiliation of
No differences were noted for trees in any specific cardinal direction or distance from the release tree.
The results: a circle, a spiral, the cardinal directions, and a physical and spiritual connection to nature.
If the direction is a cardinal direction ([0 or 360], 90, 180, or 270) then translate to (N, E, S, or W).
Mean number of Diaphorina citri adults collected per vacuum sample as a function of citrus height and cardinal direction of exposure during winter in 2013.
Key words: Cardinal direction, citrus, sticky trap, fruit damage, Frankliniella occidentalis, Pezothrips kellyanus, Thysanoptera.
In addition to the cardinal direction word [??] (the east), the other two are [??] (gao ) and [??] (yao).
The navigation chapters explain the nomenclature of maps and charts, the dead reckoning method, map orientation, triangulation, and finding cardinal direction from the sun and stars.
In their paragraph, students should identify the cardinal direction compass and its relation to the placement of the Nile River, the rising sun and Great Pyramid.