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Henry D., 19th-century British surgeon. See: Carden amputation.
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Undeterred by legal setbacks, Australian vegan Cilla Carden said Wednesday she's considering further legal action against neighbors who insist on barbecuing fish in their backyard.
Liverpool Walton MP Dan Carden submitted what is called an Early Day Motion to Parliament, which has been signed by 12 MPs in total.
Once they cut away all the Janets that weren't Janet, they had D'Arcy Carden.
CARDEN Park, which boasts the title of Cheshire's Wedding Venue of the Year 2018, has appointed Sarah Povey as wedding executive.
With stock down close to 10% since the Q3 earnings report, William Blair analyst Dylan Carden says Duluth Holdings remains his top pick for 2019.
Defendants' motion in limine seeks to exclude the testimony of William Carden, Whitaker's materials engineering expert.
Liverpool MP Dan Carden drew an emotional comparison between the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and those of theHillsborough disaster, firmly stating: "A wait of 27 years for justice cannot happen again."
Carden takes readers on a journey through the struggle for emancipation in both the North and the South of the US.
MTNA member Joy Carden passed away in April at age 81.
TWO employees of the Carden Park Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa suffered minor health issues after it is believed they inhaled chlorine gas relating to a chemical spill.
Ambassador for ASEAN, David Carden, opened the four-day drill Monday on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta.