ductal carcinoma

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duct car·ci·no·ma

, ductal carcinoma
a carcinoma derived from epithelium of ducts, for example, in the breast or pancreas.
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ductal carcinoma

Infiltrating duct carcinoma, infiltrating carcinoma–not otherwise specified Oncology The major pathologic form of breast CA, which accounts for 50-75% of all invasive breast CAs Pathology To be defined as DC, 90% of tissue examined must have a ductal pattern; grossly, DC is indurated with a stellate pattern of extension; DC imparts an unripe pear sensation when cut with a fresh scalpel. See Axillary dissection, Estrogen receptors. Cf Lobular carcinoma, Medullary carcinoma.
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Ductal carcinoma

A type of cancer that accounts for as much as 80% of breast cancers. These tumors feel bigger than they look on ultrasound or mammogram.
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Significant pathologic findings were defined as invasive carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in situ, lobular carcinoma in situ, ADH, or ALH.
This diagnostic category includes invasive breast carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in-situ and other malignancies.
A histologic and immunohistochemical comparison of ductal mammary carcinoma, ductal sweat gland carcinoma, and salivary duct carcinoma.
There are more than 500 different NF1 mutations, besides mucinous carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in situ, and squamous cell carcinoma has both invasive ductal carcinoma or lobular carcinoma of breast might be observed in NF1 cases also been reported.

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