carbonic anhydrase

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an enzyme that catalyzes the removal of water from a compound.
carbonic anhydrase an enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of carbonic acid into carbon dioxide and water, facilitating transfer of carbon dioxide from tissues to blood and from blood to alveolar air.
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car·bon·ic an·hy·drase

a zinc-containing enzyme that catalyzes the interconversion of CO2 with HCO3- and H+. There are at least seven human isozymes that appear predominantly in red blood cells, secretory tissues, and muscle. A deficiency of carbonic anhydrase II can result in osteopetrosis and metabolic acidosis. The inhibition of carbonic anhydrase IV and possibly carbonic anhydrase II by sulfonamides is a current therapy in the treatment of glaucoma.
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carbonic anhydrase

an enzyme that accelerates the reaction between carbon dioxide and water to form carbonic acid in the red blood cells.
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