carbon fiber

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carbon fiber

a material consisting of graphite fibers in a plastic matrix. It is used in radiological devices to reduce patient exposure to x-rays.


a chemical element, atomic number 6,atomic weight 12.011, symbol C. See Table 6.

asymmetric carbon atom
one bonded to four different atoms. See also isomer.
carbon fiber
made by the pyrolization of polymer fibers at very high temperatures and used in various forms as soft tissue implants, particularly in tendon and ligament repair.
carbon fixation
see dark reaction.
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The engineering team under Professor John Dominy has been working with violinmaker Peter Killingback and manufacturing firm Carbon Concepts to produce a carbon-fibre composite instrument that has acoustic and vibration characteristics to match the best old wooden violins.
The violin has been modelled on a 1742 instrument using five carbon-fibre epoxy resin parts: front panel, back panel, rib and left and right halves of the neck and peg box.
The final material was selected after a rigorous testing regime in which the engineers compared the sound vibrations from a traditional wooden violin with those from their carbon-fibre version.
Carbon-fibre sail development is now at the point where sailmakers are telling customers already buying high-end aramid racing laminates to consider purchasing this next-generation sail.
Dimension Polyant has two carbon-fibre fabrics marketed under its GraphX brand -- Graphite Performance Laminate (GPL) and AC (aramid/ carbon blend),a stronger cloth.