carbon fiber

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carbon fiber

a material consisting of graphite fibers in a plastic matrix. It is used in radiological devices to reduce patient exposure to x-rays.


a chemical element, atomic number 6,atomic weight 12.011, symbol C. See Table 6.

asymmetric carbon atom
one bonded to four different atoms. See also isomer.
carbon fiber
made by the pyrolization of polymer fibers at very high temperatures and used in various forms as soft tissue implants, particularly in tendon and ligament repair.
carbon fixation
see dark reaction.
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Teijin, aiming to be an enterprise that supports the society of the future, is evolving its carbon-fiber and other businesses under a long-term vision.
The vast majority of carbon-fiber bicycle products currently on the market are made with thermoset epoxy resins,which start out as viscous and pliable but are permanently hardened once cured.
Wiinsch, head of Structural Materials and Systems Research at BASF added, "In close collaboration with plant manufacturers as well as tiers and automotive OEMs, we are working on the development of robust polyamid 6 carbon-fiber composite systems.
The carbon-fiber reinforced plastic Ford Focus hood displayed at the Composites Europe event in Dusseldorf, Germany is constructed from the super-strong material usually associated with racing vehicles or high-performance sports cars.
3 million) into the construction of a carbon-fiber material plant and development of new-generation carbon-fiber material for EV-related applications.
Carbon-fiber composites continue to make headway in automotive.
Recently, bridge builders installed a carbon-fiber reinforced span across Two Mile Creek in Clark County, Ky.
DowAksa will develop and globally market a broad range of products and technical service support in the rapidly expanding carbon-fiber composites industry.
28, 2010 (CENS)--Engaged in carbon-fiber production, Advanced International Multitech Co.
Union Carbide's Parma, Ohio, technical center (now Grafrech International) was the focal point of that firm's carbon-fiber research effort.
71 million) in 2010 and 2011 to try to become the world's fourth-largest producer of carbon fiber, adding it has obtained sample orders for carbon-fiber blades from Vestas, the world's largest producer of wind turbines.