Carbon Tax

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A proposed tax that would be levied against high consumers of heating oil, gasoline, electricity, etc., in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
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Ontario's provincial government escalated its fight against the federal carbon tax to Canada's Supreme Court.
approximately 4,479 million metric tons are taxable), a carbon tax is expected to raise $112 billion in 2018.
Instituting a green energy default nudge lowers backing for a carbon tax. (Hagmann and Loewenstein, 2019) Society may be influenced by a carbon tax favorably via features such as the fiscal income governments collect and reinvest into society to assist with problems encompassing climate change.
What's worse is that while large companies have their own pricing schemes and output-based subsidies, many of them will have a huge portion of their emissions exempted from the carbon tax.
Speaking to reporters, Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer said Canadians "can't afford" the carbon tax, and vowed to repeal it if his party is elected next October.
Having ( conducted extensive research about how climate policies  are working around the world over the past decade, I believe that the effort to enact a carbon tax is worth it.
Treasury estimated that a carbon tax that started at $49 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019 and gradually increased until it reached $70 in 2028 would generate net revenues of $194 billion in the first year of the tax and $2.2 trillion over the 10-year period.
If the opponents of a carbon tax are sitting pretty, politically speaking anyway, what about the proponents?
The revenue carbon taxes generate are either distributed as dividends to the public or spent on a government priority, sometimes tied to climate change.
All receipts from a carbon tax would be taken by HM Treasury.
In an interview, Finance Undersecretary Karl Kendrick Chua said the government is studying the carbon tax to determine if the country is ready to implement the tax scheme.