carbon fiber

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carbon fiber

a material consisting of graphite fibers in a plastic matrix. It is used in radiological devices to reduce patient exposure to x-rays.


a chemical element, atomic number 6,atomic weight 12.011, symbol C. See Table 6.

asymmetric carbon atom
one bonded to four different atoms. See also isomer.
carbon fiber
made by the pyrolization of polymer fibers at very high temperatures and used in various forms as soft tissue implants, particularly in tendon and ligament repair.
carbon fixation
see dark reaction.
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From wind turbines to aerospace, even the latest Mustang wheels, a carbon fibre industry signals the kind of reinvention needed across Australian industry, shifting our focus from raw exports to high value products to retain our global competitive advantage, Dr Marshall said.
The company believes the new 'Carbiso M' and 'TM' product ranges will strongly appeal to OEMs in the transporation sector seeking cost effective alternatives to virgin carbon fibre for vehicle lightweighting.
The carbon fibre mesh was cut into small pieces and washed 4-5 times with antibiotics containing Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) and was placed in wells of the culture plate.
The use of TeXtreme carbon fibre materials, combined with the expertise of the TeXtreme team, has resulted in victories for athletes using products reinforced by TeXtreme in competitions such as Formula 1, the America's Cup, the Tour de France, the Kona Ironman, the Daytona 500, the Stanley Cup, etc.
The companies will expand an initial collaboration that puts 787 carbon fibre into Russell Athletic's new CarbonTek football shoulder pad system.
As a result TFP can be considered to be the world leaders in the dispersion and processing of single filament recycled carbon fibre for conversion into high quality wet-laid nonwovens.
It is a well-known fact that the aviation industry is the most developed sector in the field of carbon fibre and advanced materials.
Warwick Manufacturing Group Associate Professor Dr Kerry Kirwan said: "Not only will its power source be green but from an environmental aspect its reuse of carbon fibre will save a massive amount of landfill for unused and once used carbon fibre.
Sabic will first use the technology for a new carbon fibre plant to be built in Saudi Arabia.
Carbon fibre is a material consisting of extremely thin fibres.
In addition it is also reportedly the only supplier of carbon fibre materials for the 787's primary structure.
CARBON FIBRE WAS USED IN so many components on board Team New Zealand's black boats during the 2000 America's Cup that one might have wondered if the Kiwis had developed a Special breed of Sheep to produce the stuff.