Greenhouse Gas

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Any gas linked to increasing atmospheric temperature
Major greenhouse gases Water vapour, CO2, CH4, NO2, O3, CFCs, SO4, and others
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Zaini said it is crucial to strike a balance between carbon emission and economic growth, since developing economies commonly generate more carbon emission.
(2) According to impulse response function analysis, it is found that carbon emission and oil prices present negative effects.
The correlation between soil carbon emission and soil moisture was statistically significant in cultivated fields (r = -0.229, p < 0.05), and was very significant in uncultivated (r = -0.494, p < 0.01), pomegranate (r = -0.444, p < 0.01), vine (r = -0.478, p < 0.01) and apple (r = -0.367, p < 0.01) cultured fields (Table 3).
In the United Kingdom, the construction activities from construction sector are responsible for 47% of total carbon emission in the country and in 2011 about 42.6 mega tons has been released to the environment, with approximately 10 Mega tons is associated with the operational stage of the buildings and 22 Mega tons contributed from the production of building materials [13].
Since the carbon emission coefficient of fuel type j has not changed for the years, [DELTA][C.sub.r] = 0.
It is still unclear whether China will reach its carbon emissions peak in 2030 and at what level the carbon emissions peak will occur.
The neophyte senator was reacting to Duterte's earlier statement that the international treaty stymies the progress of developing countries by requiring them to cut carbon emissions.
(2) Reduce the dependence of carbon emission, realize the green economy.
It is these countries, which must show leadership in cutting carbon emissions significantly to save planet from devastating impacts of climate change, he said.
He further clarified that the federal climate change ministry was still working on drawing up its national roadamp for reducing national carbon emissions, which is also called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), for submission to the U.N.
ICT can reduce carbon emission from energy generation by using computerised systems that manage the demand of energy.
where P is population, G is GDP, [G.sub.i] is GDP of the ith industry, [E.sub.i] is energy consumption of the ith industry, [E.sub.ij] is consumption of the jth energy in the ith industry, is the carbon emissions from the jth energy in the ith industry, a is per capita GDP, [s.sub.i] is GDP proportion of the ith industry, [e.sub.i] is energy consumption intensity of the ith industry, [m.sub.ij] is consumption proportion of the jth energy in the ith industry, and [d.sub.ij] is carbon emission coefficient of the jth energy in the ith industry.

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