Carbon Tax

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A proposed tax that would be levied against high consumers of heating oil, gasoline, electricity, etc., in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
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Thus, TEI urges the Government of British Columbia to dedicate a portion of the revenues generated by the Carbon Tax to programs that encourage investment by businesses in clean technologies.
The future for industry could hold a carbon tax of R120 per ton of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) for emissions above the thresholds.
But if the Government is cowardly, they will disguise a fuel hike by putting up carbon tax.
The choices are between an Obama administration complex cap-and-trade system and a carbon tax, under which all the revenue will be rebated to every American every month.
The carbon tax would need to be accompanied by better efficiency standards for building codes, vehicles, appliances and electronics as well as incentives for utilities to encourage efficiency 'as opposed to selling as much energy as possible'.
Most importantly, proponents of carbon taxes argue, the revenues a carbon tax raises can be used to reduce taxes on income and sales--charges on effort and economic activity that we do not want to discourage.
Metcalf, who wrote "A Green Employment Swap: Using a Carbon Tax to Finance Payroll Relief" for the prestigious Brookings Institute in the USA.
Stelmach further pointed out that a carbon tax would increase the cost of energy, reduce Alberta's competitiveness around the world and have a negative, trickle-down effect across Canada.
Some members within the government have voiced the necessity of imposing a carbon tax on companies depending on the amount of greenhouse-gas emission.
The carbon tax is considered an essential to protecting the global environment: It will reduce CO2 emissions, whose greenhouse effects, if left unchecked, are expected to cause disastrous climate changes around the world.
One very distinctly environmental benefit of a carbon tax would be to increase the price of gasoline, which would, in turn, discourage the purchasing of gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicles and encourage the development of mass transit.
And I said, "A carbon tax and other, similar initiatives take an environmental issue and turn it into a tax and trade issue.