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She had pre-existing GD and was thyrotoxic, and treated with a high dose of carbimazole.
Pre-operative use of Carbimazole makes the gland more vascular and higher bleeding occurs during surgical procedures.
Carbimazole is a drug that is basically converted to methimazole after it is administered.
6) She was diagnosed with Graves' disease as her anti-TSH receptor positive and was started on carbimazole 10mg tds.
Key Words: Thyrotoxicosis, Grave's Disease, Carbimazole, Colestatic HepatitisINTRODUCTION
Other proposed etiologies include teratogenic effect of drugs like methimazole,7 carbimazole, misoprostol, methotrexate, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors benzodiazepines, low molecular weight heparin8 and sodium valproate, arrested skin development in embryonic life, an intrauterine vascular compromise (e.
She was assessed as having thyrotoxicosis with non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) and was treated with an infusion of unfractionated heparin, aspirin, simvastatin, atenolol, Lugol's iodine, carbimazole and cholestyramine.
Apart from thyrotoxicosis for which she was on carbimazole, she did not have any significant medical history.
After daily treatment with 30 mg carbimazole and 25 mg atenolol, the fT4 concentration in the patient decreased as expected (fT4, 19.
Medical management includes antithyroid medications (methimazol [Felimazole[R]], carbimazole [Neomercazole[R]], propylthiouracil), iodine therapy (Strong Iodine Solution[R], potassium iodide, radioactive iodine 131), and a subtotal or total thyroidectomy (LeMone et al.