Georg (Edler von Lunkaszprie), Austrian dentist, 1787-1842. See: cusp of Carabelli, Carabelli tubercle.
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3.10: CUSP OF CARABELLI (S W Flanagan, 7-1) 1; Licklighter (4-1) 2; Yeats Mardy (3-1) 3.
The prepared dental plaster casts were examined for morphological variations such as shoveling, bushman canine, distal accessory ridge and cusp of Carabelli. These traits were analyzed through Arizona state university tooth morphology system.
Alessandro Zucchi and Raffaella Carabelli, president and past president of ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, which partners in the project together with PISIE (International Polytechnic Institute for Industrial and Economic Development) were also present at the ceremony.
In 1844, Carabelli first mentioned an extra root on the distolingual position of permanent mandibular first molar and termed radix entomolaris (RE).
For Keynes, some states of affairs can be judged based on their intrinsic value--that is, Carabelli suggests, totally apart from their influences on experience.
The tango corpus Piece Lyricist Composer Performers Alma Sarcione Scorticati Carabelli Amor Y Vals Bahr Biagi Biagi-Lago Con Alma Y Vida Marco Di Sarli Oscar Serpa El Abrojo No lyrics Bardi Di Sarli El Cabure No lyrics De Bassi Carabelli Felicia Pacheco Saborido Carabelli La Guinada No lyrics Bardi Carabelli La Melodia De Santiago Di Cicco Donata orchestra Corazon Artola Milonga De Mis de Contursi Laurenz Canaro Amores Nada Mas Que Un Bahr Sucher Osvaldo Corazon (Chanel) Pedacito De Cielo Exposito Francini Calo42-Podesta Stamponi Peligro Gotan Project Gotan Project Gotan Project Tango Tango 3.0 Tango 3.0 3.0 (Japan ed) (Japan ed) (Japan ed) Silueta Portena Daniel & Noli Cucaro Roberto Maida Canaro Sueno De Discepolo Discepolo Rodolfo Biagi Juventud Vida Mia E.
En la primera fase cronologica (1966-1981), los articulos se han centrado en el estudio de los rasgos morfologicos clasicos (fonna de pala, doble pala, y ausencia de tuberculo de Carabelli), coincidiendo la mayoria en un origen Mongoloide de las muestras estudiadas.
To test these hypotheses, the results of chamois rumen content analysis were integrated by data available from previous research on rumen content of red deer (Carabelli 2008) and roe deer (Del Vecchio 2012) and on space use of the three herbivore species (Canzi 2005) in the same study area.