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, gen.


, pl.


(kā'rō, kar'nis, -nes),
The fleshy parts of the body; muscular and fatty tissues.
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Viral games specialist Koko Digital has created a new game for car insurance comparison site - Cara's Dune Buggy Dash.
Cara's winning design in bright yellow, and featuring happy children, will be painted on the side of the new bus which should arrive in January.
Cara Airline Solutions operates ten facilities at some of Canadaa[euro](tm)s largest airports and has annual revenues of approximately CHF200m.
Cara said the money will finance ongoing research and development of its CR845 compound headed into clinical trials in the coming year.
Cara's resource classroom had five preschool students with one teacher and a classroom aide (now known as a paraeducator).
Her latest blood counts, monitored at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, show signs of great improvement and Cara is now back at school full-time.
"Cara is traumatised and hasn't been able to sleep alone since.
In addition to indicating her vocational interests, this information about Cara gave the career counselor a heads-up about some possible personality characteristics that she may see in her.
I wanted to publish Red Palms because the story and the setting are so different from most YA novels, because Benita is a wonderful heroine, and because Cara was, yes, ambitious in combining many unusual ideas.
In one situation, CARA supported a group of young women organizers who had been sexually assaulted by a male co-organizer.
But as I've discovered, letting go of Cara is not as easy as I anticipated.
WITH a mesmerising voice, Cara brought her own brand of folk over from Ireland and captivated the audience.