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, gen.


, pl.


(kā'rō, kar'nis, -nes),
The fleshy parts of the body; muscular and fatty tissues.
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Maybe you better stick to the catwalks for the moment, Cara.
UNTIL now CARA DELEVINGNE and her very close friend MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ have managed to keep their fledgling relationship out of the public eye.
ANGEL-VOICED Cara Dillon has just released the third of three wonderful albums - and she reckons this one is the best of the lot.
Now, Mrs Tolchard, 45, and her husband David, 41, a computer consultant, face a lengthy court battle or a house move to try to get Cara into Northern Counties.
It was early spring, and she and Cara had been helping Mama plant flowers.
Even then, CARA was already unofficially organizing toward alternative ways of holding aggressors accountable.
Cara seemed appreciative of her career counselor's acknowledgment of some of the difficult issues Cara was dealing with.
LITTLE Cara Richards' cheeky smile says it all - a big thank you to her classmates for raising money to buy her a vital piece of heart equipment.
Cara received a pink ipod nano and a portable DVD player as her prize from the charity.
A MEMORIAL to Cara Bray, the best friend of George Eliot, was unveiled in Coventry on Thursday, close to where the novelist went to school.
She reversed the role model thing,'' says her father, Mike Dunne, who lives in Denver and often skis with Cara.
Reid-Powell brings to CARA practical experience and global insight in workforce learning, leadership development and talent management.