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Londoners were found to be most clueless about car lights, with Northern Ireland motorists most likely to forget to put their lights on.
The light given off by these headlights is very much brighter than ordinary car lights but they are less dazzling and ought to be an advantage to other motorists.
Hanging near the stones, placed in such a way that the viewer could only see one at a time, four white video monitors each played a continuous loop - of car lights approaching in a snowstorm, a man opening and closing a door, a half-naked woman pushing up a crumbling photo backdrop, or a man floating underwater with his eyes open - that had been isolated from a film (Antonioni's are a favorite source) and then slowed down and repeated.
Almost all (99%) have been dazzled by oncoming traffic using full-beam headlights while 90% have flashed their car lights to alert other drivers that they were driving without lights.
Firefighters from Ferndale and Pontypridd were called out just after 11pm yesterday when witnesses reported car lights disappearing off the road down the mountainside near New Street, Blaenllechau, near Ferndale.
The petrol station assistant turned his car lights off, sped through a red light, mounted the pavement and hit 80mph in a 30mph zone.
There was a traffic (officer) on Tuesday, but he didn't have his car lights on.
Heavy wood smoke lies so densely in some areas that residents are forced to wear masks or stay indoors and drivers must use their car lights during the day just to see ahead within the two blocks of visibility.
30am with his car lights on full beam, dazzling motorists coming in the opposite direction, Gateshead magistrates were told.
Somali-born Ali drove to the scene after his pals phoned for help when their car lights failed on the M4, near Bristol.
The Mighty Mo's 1:24 scale models feature a key ring remote control that works like a real vehicle remote an d allows kids to start the vehicle moving and activate realistic car lights and sounds.
The SeeMe bags are made of high visibility white nylon, with a reflective strip to pick up car lights at night and were thought up by the Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association.