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They then used capsicum spray and drew their Tasers to restore order.
An American Civil Liberties Union study of twenty-six deaths associated with the police use of capsicum spray in the United States, found that none of the incidents involved people who posed a serious threat of violence to bystanders or who were engaged in serious violent criminal activity when or shortly before police arrived.
A decade of law enforcement experience with capsicum spray in the United States demonstrates that it is used against the homeless, minority youth, African-Americans and other marginal groups to deliver a painful chemical `street justice'.
In 1996 the FBI's top pepper spray expert, Thomas Ward, received a two-year suspended jail term after pleading guilty to taking $US57,000 in `kickbacks' from the manufacturer of Cap-Stun capsicum spray.
Capsicum spray causes inflammation of the respiratory tract and restricted breathing.
Certain medical conditions like asthma and heart condition increase the chances of capsicum spray and electro-shock weapons being lethal.
Capsicum spray and other chemical weapons were once confined to the paramilitary units, but have now been taken up as standard weapons by all operational police.
22 (ANI): The Federation of Community Legal Centres has said that capsicum spray, which is used to subdue trouble makers can be lethal and can make a volatile situation worse.
He said capsicum spray was introduced as an alternative to lethal force, but reliance on the weapon had crept up to the degree where it figured in 73 per cent of documented scenarios where Victorian police used force.
After a long struggle, police used a capsicum spray to gain control over the man.
So, four officers had to use batons and capsicum spray to make him leave the car.