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Conclusion All-cause mortality was 23% lower with carvedilol
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CAPRICORN CAREER We may be living through tough times yet few are as well equipped to make it through a recession as Capricorn.
It's not possible to marry into the Royal Family and have the kind of chart that suggests life's a skoosh because it's a life of service and unusual demands but it is good to note that this duty-conscious Capricorn has her Mercury in cool Aquarius, well aligned to Mars as that gives her the ability to analyse, understand and detach her personal self from her public persona.
He is an extremely talented and creative writer and is driven to use an outrageous platform for expressing valid opinions - again this is a Capricorn trait.
Capricorns are great negotiators and wheeler dealers.
THE big news for Capricorns is that Saturn changes star sign on April 20, having briefly done that between August and October 2000, giving you a clue about what you can expect of Saturn's next journey through the sign of Gemini, which is particularly linked to the areas of work and of well- being.
CAPRICORNS are great builders of business and of course, houses, too.
Capricorn traits: Footballers who turn their talents to the stage and screen - Terry Venables, Vinnie Jones and to some extent Rod Stewart.
She is not a snob, but Capricorns are social climbers who aspire to be in a position of power.
\But Capricorn woman can be quite hard or ruthless if necessary and Sophie is ambitious to succeed - not only for herself, but for Edward too.
But she exhibited a strong Capricorn trait in her determination to get her man at all costs.
Should the returns on investment continue for the remainder of 2013, then we can only see Capricorn pushing forward to be a world leader within the currency hedge fund world.
CAPRICORN'S NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS To outdo the competition and rise to the top.