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An object that is questionable is NGC 7158, which forms a triangle towards the north-east from the stars magnitude 5 mu and magnitude 5.5 lambda Capricorni. This is one of those objects which is nowhere to be found, but which, on closer investigation, appears as a very faint string of three close stars between magnitude 9 and 11.
The components of Beta Capricorni appear about half as far apart as those of Alpha Capricorni.
declination (-21.7[degrees]) 05 06:00 Neptune stationary 06 00:09 Transit of Venus begins 06 03:17 Venus at inferior conjunction 06 21:38 Moon occults rho Sagittarii 07 21:27 Moon occults beta Capricorni 10 03:00 Moon near Neptune (5.9[degrees]S) 11 11:26 Jupiter near Pleiades (4.9[degrees]S) 11 12:41 Last Quarter 12 22:00 Moon near Uranus (5.1[degrees]S) 16 03:24 Moon at apogee (405 800 km) 16 13:00 Venus near Aldebaran (3.3[degrees]N) 17 10:23 Moon near Jupiter (1.2[degrees]S) 17 17:43 Moon at descending node 18 02:47 Moon near Venus (2.3[degrees]S) 18 03:00 Moon near Aldebaran (5.0[degrees]S) 18 19:37 Moon max.
Other notable events were the conjunctions with Neptune on May 25 and July 13, the 'Bird Strike' impact on July 19, the occultation of 6th-magnitude 45 Capricorni on August 3-4, mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites which were recorded in resolved time-lapse movies for the first time, and several multiple satellite transits.
At the end of October the planet approaches the eastward end of the Sea Goat, marked by the magnitude-2.85 star Delta ([delta]) Capricorni, also known as Deneb Algedi (see p.
Capricornus, due south, contains two wide double stars for binoculars on its western (right-hand) end: Alpha and Beta (P) Capricorni. If you have sharp vision, in fact, you can resolve Alpha Capricorni into two stars with your unaided eyes.
His discoveries of the fifth satellite of Jupiter, sixteen comets, and the binary character of P Capricorni, his investigations of nebulae, variable stars and star clusters, his photography of the Galaxy and attentive scrutiny of planetary surfaces, had gained Barnard a unique, almost legendary status among observational astronomers.
Mars follows a little bit more than 30[degrees] behind ringed Saturn throughout July, retrograding just above faint Psi ([psi]) Capricorni around mid-month.
And if you aim your telescope at Jupiter, you'll see (twilight permitting) four moons plus the 6th-magnitude star 19 Capricorni, a mere 15" south of Jupiter's wavering disk.
The two planets shine on either end of the crumpled triangle of Capricornus from December 9-11, with Mars IV20 from 3rd-magnitude Delta (5) Capricorni at the eastern end of the Sea-Goat.
Even so, consider aiming your scope at the -2-magnitude planet shortly after it rises on the 1st when it passes close to 6.5-magnitude 21 Capricorni and appears to have gained a new Jovian satellite.
For Northern Hemisphere observers, Pi ([pi]) Capricorni and H5188 in Sagittarius are about as well placed as they're going to get.