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Messier 30 were discovered by Charles Messier (1730-1817) on 3 August 1764 near the star 41 Capricorni.
7[degrees]) 05 06:00 Neptune stationary 06 00:09 Transit of Venus begins 06 03:17 Venus at inferior conjunction 06 21:38 Moon occults rho Sagittarii 07 21:27 Moon occults beta Capricorni 10 03:00 Moon near Neptune (5.
Theta Tauri, near Aldebaran, is right up there with Alpha Capricorni as one of the finest near-equal naked-eye pairs in the sky.
His discoveries of the fifth satellite of Jupiter, sixteen comets, and the binary character of P Capricorni, his investigations of nebulae, variable stars and star clusters, his photography of the Galaxy and attentive scrutiny of planetary surfaces, had gained Barnard a unique, almost legendary status among observational astronomers.
In western North America, binoculars and telescopes may show the Moon occult (hide) the wide double star Beta Capricorni.
And if you aim your telescope at Jupiter, you'll see (twilight permitting) four moons plus the 6th-magnitude star 19 Capricorni, a mere 15" south of Jupiter's wavering disk.
In the western part of North America, binoculars and telescopes may show the Moon's earthlit side creep over the wide double star Beta Capricorni and block it from view.
January 2nd occultation: During twilight, telescope users in western North America can watch the dark limb of the thin crescent Moon occult the wide double star Beta Capricorni, magnitudes 3.
However, Jupiter does occult 45 Capricorni (a magnitude 6.
Let's begin with the easiest double first: Alpha ([alpha]) Capricorni.