Capparis spinosa

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Capparis spinosa,

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The whole plant Capparis spinosa was collected in November 2012 from Cholistan desert near Bahawalpur (Pakistan) and identified from Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, where a voucher specimen has been deposited.
From the present study it was concluded that Capparis spinosa contain potent lipoxygenase inhibitory constituents which can be taken up by the local herbal pharmaceutical industry for further drug designing.
Studies conducted on laboratory reared colonies originated with flies from Jordan Valley and Kfar Adumim, a village approximately 15 km east of Jerusalem with branches of Ricinus communis (Euphorbiaceae), Solanum jasminoides (Solanaceae), Bougainvillea glabra (Nyctaginaceae) and Capparis spinosa showed that one night of feeding on branches of Solanum jasminoides, Ricinus communis, or B.
Antihepatotoxic activity of p-methoxy benzoic acid from Capparis spinosa.
methoxybenzoic acid, the main constituents of Cichorium intybus and Capparis spinosa respectively, have been reported in chemically induced hepatotoxicity in experimental animals (McPhail 2003, Mehrotra 1973, Munasinghe 2001).
Capparis spinosa is highly variable in nature in its native habitats and is found growing near the closely related species C.
Intraspecific variation and evolutionary trends in Capparis spinosa L.
Capparis spinosa buds were collected in May 2008 from Bejaia, Algeria.
0 ml of methanol containing different concentrations of Capparis spinosa bud extract.
The species which produced maximum number of bands was Capparis spinosa (5) which produced a total of 16 bands while the species which produced least number of bands was Calotropis procera (12) which displayed only 8 amplified fragments.
In the present study, the efficacy of herbal medicine Liv-52 (consisting of Mandur basma, Tamarix gallica and herbal extracts of Capparis spinosa, Cichorium intybus, Solanum nigrum, Terminalia arjuna and Achillea millefolium) on liver cirrhosis outcomes was compared with the placebo for 6 months in 36 cirrhotic patients referred to Tehran Hepatic Center.