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Anthony, British physician, 1907-1976. See: Caplan nodules, Caplan syndrome.
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"Single Tenant NNN deals that are well located with quality tenants like McDonald's continue to see vibrant investor interest," said Wayne Caplan, senior vice president at SVN Chicago Commercial.
Caplan's basic premise, that our sprawling system of secondary and postsecondary education is largely wasteful, is hard to swallow.
Unlike most of us, author Bryan Caplan sees the latter function as educations primary role.
In his latest book, George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan has done what educators universally laud and applaud: he has impressively applied critical thinking to an important issue.
The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money, by Bryan Caplan. Princeton University Press, 416 pages, $29.95
Nancy wrote eloquently about a post composed by the highly influential bioethicist Arthur Caplan that ran under the headline, "Should It Be Harder to Get Abortions for Down Syndrome Babies?" That commentary appeared on Medscape, a medical news website for health professionals.
Caplan is proud of what the Contract Litigation Unit in the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, which he is part of, achieved in 2016.
Start with this advice from Broadway's go-to vocal coach, Liz Caplan.
TV news pros aren't famous for keeping secrets, so talk has been circulating about the imminent departure of Michael Caplan as president and general manager of KTHV, Channel 11 in Little Rock.
He might well have written Bryan Caplan's The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money.
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story is a new musical by the trio of Hannah Moscovitch ("the wunderkind of Canadian theatre," says the CBC); Moscovitch's husband, Christian Barry (who also directs); and singer-songwriter Ben Caplan (who also wrote most of the songs).