capital budgeting

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capital budgeting,

n the process of planning expenditures on assets, the returns of which are expected to extend beyond 1 year.
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CCAR evaluates the capital planning processes and capital adequacy of bank holding companies with $50 billion or more in total consolidated assets.
The company said that the FRB did not object to its capital plan submitted in January 2013, but did require it to submit an additional capital plan addressing weaknesses identified in the capital planning process.
Anew survey of senior financial executives reveals that significant capital planning and investment decisions are made utilizing manual approaches and non-integrated spreadsheets with limited analytics and post-delivery measurement capabilities.
This congressionally requested report addresses the extent to which VA's capital planning efforts (1) have resulted in changes to its real property portfolio and (2) follow leading practices and provide information for informed decision making.
When repair, renovation, acquisition, or new-building needs become critical, emergency capital planning is called to the rescue.
As with past practice, publishing this set of guidelines officially launches the higher education capital planning and budgeting process for fiscal years 2009-2014.
The second type of program is a capital planning and asset management system (CPMS), a technology used to track "inventory.
Capital planning decisions for reinvestments have more or less implicitly assumed that the existing asset base will be sustained regardless of competitive pressure and margin erosion, and hence the remaining life of the assets.
Capital planning, or creating a capital financing plan, is a disciplined effort at assessing the current and projected physical needs of a property, establishing the costs of maintaining or modernizing it, and creating a strategic plan for addressing those needs within financial constraints.
The city should be an active investor in its own future, and this means a far different approach to capital planning than we do now.
Looking ahead at 2007, we expect airports to focus their attention on capital planning, the further development of non-airline resources, and FAA reauthorization,' said Peter Stettler, senior director, Fitch Ratings.
The Federal Reserve informed HSBC North America that it objects to its capital plan submitted for the 2014 Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) due to weaknesses in its capital planning processes.

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