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Rudolf, German ophthalmologist, 1833-1897. See: Berlin edema.
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The UAE's national airline will, in turn, put its 'EY' code on Lufthansa's long-haul, non-stop intercontinental services between its home base of Frankfurt, the business and commercial capital of Germany, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as Bogota, Colombia.
œIt was 25 years ago, on the historic day of 17 June 1991, in Bonn, the capital of Germany, Polish Prime Minister Jan Krzyztof Bielecki and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl signed the Treaty of Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation that paved way for the new era of Polish-German relations, Y said HE Krzysztof Suprowicz, Ambassador of Poland and HE Hans-Udo Muzel, the Ambassador of Germany, during their joint address to the audience.
The capital of Germany's southernmost state Bavaria and a world-class city, Munich combines tradition with modernity.
Brussels -- Kashmir Council EU organized one-day camp on Sunday in Berlin, the capital of Germany in order to speed up its one-million signature campaign on Kashmir.
Today, reunified Berlin is the capital of Germany. It's hip and cosmopolitan, beloved by artists.
The additional rich social program, with a bus sightseeing tour to east, west, and downtown Berlin on Saturday, August 1, a boat sightseeing tour from lake Wannsee to the Reichstag on Sunday, August 2, the CADE exhibitions on Wednesday, and plenty visits to the various beer gardens, made it a memorable stay in the capital of Germany for the participants.
Berlin, Jan.22(SUNA)- The sitting of unofficial consultations between the Government and the People's Movement-North Sector began in, Berlin, capital of Germany, Friday where Assistant of President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of the National Congress, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud chaired the Sudanese side while Yassir Arman presided over the side of the People's Movement.
Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany.
The event is held each year during the period from 15 to 20 January in the capital of Germany, and this year it was attended by more than 1,600 farms and companies from 70 countries, and Uzbekistan was among them.
MediConsult ( with its premises in Szczecin - a city located in north-western part of Poland, 80 miles from Berlin, capital of Germany - services on average 20 Irish and British patients a month.
The financial capital of Germany continues to be a significant point for us so it is only fitting for us to operate our flagship product to the city.
Once again the capital of Germany, it is now home to more than 11,000 Jews, including Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and secular.