capital punishment

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Capital punishment is legal in 36 states of the US and is used for certain crimes, usually homicides
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capital punishment

Sentencing a criminal to death and carrying out the sentence via a legal method such as hanging, electrocution, or lethal injection.

Patient care

Whether or not to participate in capital punishment raises challenging ethical concerns for health care professionals. The decision may need to be individually considered in the context of personal, religious, or institutional philosophies. Guidance can be gained by consulting professional position statements on roles and responsibilities, such as those promulgated by the American Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses; various Church organizations; and State Boards that govern health care; among others.

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The most compelling argument against capital punishment is the fact that many people have been executed over the years for capital crimes that they never committed.
Since when is a 12-year-old child playing with a toy gun in a park a capital crime?
What arguments can be made to support a categorical determination that all juveniles under 18 are less blameworthy for capital crimes than adults?
He scrutinizes the evidence the courts gathered and the laws it used to convict men and women of capital crimes. As a result, Hoffer makes a number of valuable contributions to our understanding of the conspiracy.
''After snubbing visiting envoys of major powers, the neophyte minister then committed truly capital crime of interfering with ambassadorial appointments,'' the daily continued.
Frank O'Hara was certainly guilty of writing about his feelings (he was a poet), and writing criticism while curating (if that were a capital crime this magazine would be dead).
Knight recalls that at one stage the colonialists were hanging 100 black men a week, and that it was a capital crime for a black man to be found with even one round of ammunition.
Is it possible that capital crime could infiltrate and interrupt life in these idyllic facilities?
He said that the police and district administration should take steps to make the federal capital crime free.
One White House approach would be to make high-volume trafficking of fentanyl a capital crime, given that even a small amount of the synthetic can be fatal, while officials are also looking at harsher noncapital punishments for large-scale dealers, the Post reported.
"We were starving hard to control the situation and added that Capital crime would definitely reduce in near future" he added.
In previous unsuccessful appeals, Vasquez's attorneys argued that the murder shouldn't have been considered a capital crime because Vasquez didn't kill Cardenas intending to rob him, according to court documents.

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