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(kap′ĭ-ler″ē) plural.capillaries [L. capillaris, hairlike]
1. Any of the minute blood vessels, averaging 0.008 mm in diameter, that connect the ends of the smallest arteries (arterioles) with the beginnings of the smallest veins (venules).
2. Pert. to a hair; hairlike.

arterial capillary

One of the very small vessels that are the terminal branches of the arterioles or metarterioles.

bile capillary

One of the intercellular biliary passageways that convey bile from liver cells to the interlobular bile ducts. Also called bile canaliculus.

blood capillary

One of the minute blood vessels that convey blood from the arterioles to the venules and form an anastomosing network that brings the blood into intimate relationship with the tissue cells. Its wall consists of a single layer of squamous cells (endothelium) through which oxygen diffuses to the tissue and products of metabolic activity enter the bloodstream. Blood capillaries average about 8 μm in diameter.
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lymphatic capillary

A thin-walled lymphatic vessel at the beginning of a branch of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic capillaries have closed ends, but have no basement membranes and are more permeable than blood capillaries. Fluids, salts, proteins, large molecules, particles, debris, microorganisms, and migrating cells can pass from the interstitial spaces into lymphatic capillaries. Lymphatic capillaries lead to larger lymphatics that transport the lymph to lymph nodes. See: illustration

secretory capillary

Any of the very small canaliculi that are part of the secretory outflow path receiving secretion discharged from gland cells.

venous capillary

One of the minute vessels that convey blood from a capillary network into the small veins (venules).


The smallest arteries which, in the lung, are located next to the alveoli so that they can pick up oxygen from inhaled air.

capillaries (kapˑ··ler·ēz), small, thin-membraned, permeable blood vessels that link arterioles and venules, feeding and removing wastes from the tissues through which they pass.
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Typically, PVOD shows dilated capillaries without proliferation, as well as small veins blocked by organizing thrombi rather than infiltrating capillaries.
The mature intermediate villi contain supplying arterioles, thin capillaries and venules.
In patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, capillaries tortuosity showed score=0 in 2 patient; score= 1 in 6 patients; score=2 in 4 patients; score 3 in 8 patients (p<.
To ensure testing procedures were closely duplicated when evaluating the performance of both capillaries in different applications, the following methodology was maintained.
For the present analysis both straight and wavy cylindrical capillaries were considered to study the influence of waviness on the ion rejection.
While conventional capillaries typically provide an average coverage of 75%, the CIC extends the bond coverage to more than 80%, achieving higher shear volume for stronger overall bonds.
The onset of sprouting and the growth and development of sprouts and buds of the retinal capillaries were observed for 12 days in culture.
Although the blood pressure medications that have been in use the longest relax the arteries entering the kidneys, they don't always act adequately in the internal kidney capillaries.
Within a single experiment, the shear rate range can be extended by using different die-orifice diameters, or the formerly time-consuming triple-point Bagley-correction can be performed in one experiment using a set of capillaries with the same orifice diameter but different lengths.
However, while the flow patterns in the barrel of the rheometer were similar with all the dies, it can be seen that the flow patterns in the capillaries were different.
Capillary electrophoresis is performed using capillaries 50um - 100um in internal diameter and 30cm - 100cm in length.