Capgras' Delusion

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The delusion that family, friends and others have been replaced by imposters. It typically follows the development of negative feelings toward the other person that the subject cannot accept and attributes, instead, to the imposter. The syndrome has been reported in paranoid schizophrenia and, even more frequently, in organic brain disease
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Whereas reports of seizures leading to Capgras delusions are rare, other forms of psychosis are more commonly comorbid with epilepsy.
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Capgras syndrome, which is also called Capgras delusion, is seen primarily in a psychiatric context--most commonly in functional or organic psychotic illnesses (4)--and secondarily in neurologic cases.
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Delusional explanations may then replace memory for lost items (delusions of theft), or activities of the care-giver or others (delusions of jealousy and persecutory delusions); impaired abilities to recognize faces (prosopagnosia) may lead to the failure to recognize the patient's own reflection, with the delusional belief that he or she is seeing a stranger (the picture sign), or mis-recognition of the care-giver may give rise to the delusional idea that the care-giver has been replaced by an imposter (Capgras delusion).