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Reyes said the challenges faced by Meralco's networks team include capex executions for system maintenance, load and customer growth, network and customer service upgrading, weather hardening and resiliency, safety and security, and automation.
The two countries combined should contribute over 44% of total offshore capex in the region between 2011 and 2015.
This growth in length and Capex has significant upside potential as many large transcontinental, transnational, and significant domestic pipeline projects, have been 'slipped' beyond the forecast period as a result of project delays, as well as either a lack of available financing or energy demand destruction that have resulted from the global economic downturn.
In developed markets, cyclical industries such as basic materials, manufacturing, parts of TMT, consumer and retail will experience capex growth in the high single or double digits in 2010 whereas more stable industries, such as oil and gas, and utilities will be broadly flat.
A powerful and proven approach to cost and CapEx optimization leverages international benchmarking.
Capex directors Julian Percival, Warren Badger and Alan Hunt in St Paul's Square, the location of Capex Finance's new offices
The Capex downgrade is likely to compound the industry's mixed record on production growth.
CapEx planning should be based on an item-by-item fixed-asset register, not on an arbitrary percentage of gross revenues.
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Fitch Ratings has affirmed the following ratings of Capex S.
The Globe Board of Directors recently approved the Company's cash capital expenditure (capex) budget of US$850 million for 2018, which is consistent with last year's capex figure.
Pangilinan told reporters, the company is making adjustments in capex spending next year in preparation for the possible entry of a third telco player in the country.
In a press briefing, MPIC Chief Financial Officer David Nicol said power investments of Manila Electric Company and Global Business Power will get the lion's share of the capex amounting to P380 billion.