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(1) BATMAN. One of two clinical trials about the safety and efficacy of the Batimastat BiodivYsio® stent, a drug-coated (with an MMP—matrix metalloproteinase—inhibitor, batimastat) device designed to decreased restenosis in patients who had undergone coronary angioplasty

(2) Batman. One of several fathers’ rights activists who appear with some regularity perched atop any of a number of public places in the UK—e.g., Parliament, Buckingham palace, etc.—to protest alleged family courts’ bias against them
(3) Vox populi Batman. A popular comic book superhero who fights crime in the fictional Gotham City
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It was first revealed in November last year that Reeves already has a replacement actor in mind for the role of the caped crusader.
In the end The Force is with the Sith lord and is just too strong for the caped crusader to handle in the viral video.
Zack Snyder's movie, a direct sequel to his 2013 Superman flick Man of Steel, is packed with stunning action set pieces, from toppling tower blocks to the Caped Crusader gunning through the streets in his Batmobile, and a terrific early scene where Superman rescues his girlfriend, Lois Lane (Amy Adams), from terrorists in the Sahara.
But while we've had his origin story in Batman Begins, this new series, created by Bruno Heller (Rome, The Mentalist) tells the origin story of Gotham itself to explain why it needed a caped crusader.
6 BATMAN (1989) 6 BATMAN (1989) GOTHAM City's Caped Crusader returns to the big screen to fight crime, but hides his identity behind a mask.
Ben Affleck faced a lot of negative backlash on the social media after it was announced that he would be the caped crusader in the upcoming 'Batman vs Superman', the New York Post reported.
docx) Batman Memes Hit Facebook, Twitter After Warner Names Ben Affleck as Next Caped Crusader
OUR hero, caped crusader Mike Olley, writes in the Daily Planet (Mail, May 9) congratulating his fellow super-comrades on their success in the local elections.
The Batman In London story sees the caped crusader passing numerous notable landmarks, including plunging from an exploding pod on the London Eye.
The character also drove a Lambo in Batman Begins, which introduced Christian Bale as the caped crusader.
The star of new film The Dark Knight - released on July 25 - wants to return to the role of the caped crusader for a third time.
The orange caped crusader, who stood as a candidate for Cardiff Central constituency in last year's General Election, is doing the run in aid of Keep Wales Tidy.