Cannon, Walter B.

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Cannon, Walter B.

U.S. physiologist, 1871–1954.

Cannon ring

A contracted band of muscles in the transverse colon near the hepatic flexure.

fight-or-flight reaction of Cannon

The generalized response to an emergency situation. This includes intense stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal gland. The heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, and blood flow to muscles are increased. This response prepares the body either to flee or to fight.
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Walter B., U.S. physiologist, 1871-1945.
Bernard-Cannon homeostasis - see under Bernard, Claude
Cannon law - reaction of excessive sensitivity to chemical neurotransmitters in tissue with deficiency of autonomic supply.
Cannon point - the location in the midtransverse colon at which innervation by superior and inferior mesenteric plexuses overlap at the junction of the primitive midgut and hindgut. Synonym(s): Cannon ring
Cannon ring - Synonym(s): Cannon point
Cannon syndrome - perspiration and palpitations due to increased secretion of adrenalin.
Cannon theory - a theory of the emotions that animal and human organisms respond to emergency situations by increased sympathetic nervous system activity. Synonym(s): emergency theory
Cannon-Bard theory - the view that the feeling aspect of emotion and the pattern of emotional behavior are controlled by the hypothalamus.
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