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A family of the Carnivora including the dogs, coyotes, wolves, and foxes.
[L. canis, dog]
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Hybridisation, with and without genetic introgression has been frequently reported in Canidae (Lehman et al., 1991; Mercure , 1993; Roy et al., 1996; Sillero-Zubiri et al., 1996; Wayne et al., 1997; Wayne and Brown, 2001; Hailer and Leonardo, 2008; Kays et al., 2010; Wheeldon et al., 2010) leading in some cases to put the survival of species or populations at risk (Nowak, 1979; Wayne and Jenks, 1991; Gottelli et al., 1994; Roy et al., 1994).
Director of Marketing for Canidae, Jim Mantych, commented, "Early last year, we undertook the design and production of a can rack to display all of our 13 ounce canned canine formulas.
The families with fewer studies were Eupleridae, Mephitidae and Herpestidae, and the families most studied were Mustelidae, Canidae and Felidae, both globally and by continents (Table 2).
Last year, the Canidae Pet Foods booth staff was busy fulfilling the needs of pet food retailers and distributors interested in offering natural, holistic diets to pet owners.
Disponibilidade de frutos e a dieta de Pseudalopex vetulus (Carnivora Canidae) em um cerrado de Mato Grosso.
COMPANY STATEMENT--Founded out of love for all pets, Canidae manufactures a complete line of premium, meat based, all natural pet foods and gourmet treats.
New Canidae Grain Free pureSKY[TM] offers dog owners a canine diet that contains fresh duck combined with protein-rich turkey meal.
Phylogeny of recent Canidae (Mammalia, Carnivora): relative reliability and the utility of morphological and molecular datasets.
When asked about the packaging redesign, Frank Hon, Director of Operations for Canidae commented, "Our grain free line for dogs launched in September 2008 and our Felidae Grain Free for cats shortly thereafter.
San Luis Obispo, CA, November 22, 2010 --( Canidae Natural Pet Food Company announced today its support of the Pink Ribbon Puppies 2011 calendar which is being offered for sale to raise funds toward the fight against breast cancer.
Diet of the maned wolf, Chrysocyon brachyurus (Mammalia: Canidae), during wet and dry seasons at Ibitipoca State Park, Brazil.