Candida tropicalis

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Candida tropicalis

a species occasionally associated with candidiasis.

Candida tropicalis var tropicalis

A fungus that is an opportunistic pathogen in patients with impaired innate immunity, bone marrow transplantation or neoplasia, especially associated with surgery or indwelling devices, and accompanied by multidrug resistance.
Clinical conditions
Endocarditis, meningitis, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, spondylodiscitis, rupture of hollow organs (e.g., stomach, bladder).

1. Ascomycota.
2. Saccharomycotina.
3. Saccharomycetes.
4. Saccharomycetidae.
5. Saccharomycetales.
6. Candida.
7. Candida tropicalis.

Can·di·da tro·pi·ca·lis

(kan'di-dă trop-i-kā'lis)
A yeast species occasionally associated with candidiasis.

Candida tropicalis

A Candida species that, unlike C. albicans, does not produce germ tubes and does not hydrolyze urea. It is responsible for bloodborne infections in patients with diabetes mellitus, leukemias and lymphomas.
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