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can·de·la (cd),

The SI unit of luminous intensity, 1 lumen per m2; the luminous intensity, in a given direction, of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540 × 1012 Hz and that has a radiant intensity in that direction of 1/683 W per steradian (solid angle).
Synonym(s): candle


Etymology: L, candela, light
(in optics) the basic unit of measurement for luminous intensity, equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity of a square centimeter of a black body heated to 1773.5° C or the solidification temperature of platinum, adopted in 1948 as the international standard of luminous intensity. Also called candela [kandē′lə] .
Candesartan vs. Losartan Efficacy Study. A trial comparing the antihypertensive effect of candesartan cilexetil—Atacand®—with losartan— Cozaar®
Conclusion Atacand®, an angiotensin receptor blocker, provided a significantly greater reduction in diastolic blood pressure than Cozaar®


Cardiology A clinical trial–Candesartan versus Losartan Efficacy Comparison–to compare the antihypertensive effect of candesartan cilexetil–Atacand® with losartan. See Candesartan cilexetil.
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El primer libro que Candel publico Donde la ciudad cambia su nombre en 1957 ofrece el testimonio de las experiencias de la gente del suburbio con el objetivo de explicarselo a la burguesia catalana que desconocia las condiciones sociales y economicas en las que estas personas vivian en su propia ciudad.
Valencia club doctor Jorge Candel injected the players yesterday with a mixture of iron, vitamins and minerals to help combat fatigue.
Calic and disc [20, 'chalice and paten'], oflaet [21, 'mass-bread'], win [22, 'wine'], winhorn [23, 'wine-flask'], storfxt [24, 'censer'], tapers [25, 'taper'], candel-sticca [26, 'candlestick'], smael candel [27, 'thin candle'] and candel bord [28, 'candle board'] precede the sequence of signs for books used in the church, which is followed by leohtfxt [34, ' lamp'], micel rod [35, 'large cross'] litel rod [36, 'small cross'] and gewaed candel-sticca [37, 'small candle stick'].
Nether do men light a candel, and put it under a bushel.
250 With redde letters written in paper And to the cake as to oure maker To trust they did vs teache For the thonder to the holly bell And at our dethe the holly candel
Tenders are invited for Supply of Bathroom Stool,Broom, Brush toilet, Bucket Plastic, Burner for stove, Candel big, Crone Tool, Dettol Liquid hand wash Bottle, Door mat plastic, Dustbin with lid,Duster cloth etc.
Segundo Liebman e colaboradores (2002), existe uma correlacao negativa entre a capacidade de memoria episodica e sugestionabilidade, uma vez que, quanto melhor uma crianca recorda um determinado acontecimento, mais resistente e a sugestao, associacao que tambem e defendida por Candel, Merckelbach, Jelicic, Limpens e Widdershoven (2004).
En este mismo capitulo, el estagirita advierte que "en efecto, a partir de lo exclusivo de los principios internos del conocimiento en cuestion, es imposible decir nada sobre ellos mismos, puesto que los principios son primeros respecto de todas las cosas y por ello es necesario discurrir en torno de ellos a traves de las cosas plausibles (endoxa) concernientes a cada uno de ellos" (Topicos I 2, 101a 39-101b-4) (Traduccion de Candel Sanmartin).
The growth of Kandelia candel seedlings in mangrove habitats of the Zhangjiang estuary in Fujian, China.
In fact, although it is well known that stress affects episodic memory in general (for a review, see Wolf, 2009), knowledge about the effects of induced psychosocial stress on false memories is sparse (Payne, Nadel, Allen, Thomas, & Jacobs, 2002; Smeets, Jelicic, & Merckelbach, 2006; Smeets, Otgaar, Candel, & Wolf, 2008).