Cancer-Prone Personality

A personality profile alleged to increase the risk of developing a malignancy, due to ill-defined and nebulous internal conflicts. See Simonton method. Cf Psychoneuroimmunology
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Results of centuries of subsequent research indicate that the characteristics of the cancer-prone personality can now be confidently summarized as follows: unassertiveness, lack of personal drive, slow-paced demeanor, over-patience, avoidance of conflict, inability to deal with stress, and a tendency to suppress expression of emotion (Cooper & Faragher, 1991; Eysenck, 1989, 1991; Grossarth-Maticek, Eysenck, Pfeifer, Schmidt, & Koppel, 1997; Yousfi, Matthews, Amelang, & Schmidt-Rathjens, 2004).
As shown in Table 1, there is a striking phenotypic similarity between the temperamental qualities of the cancer-prone personality and the adaptor, and also between the coronary heart disease-prone personality and the innovator.
As noted by psychologists Robert Gatchel, Andrew Baum, and David Krantz in their text, Health Psychology, the cancer-prone personality has several characteristics: "The first includes a tendency to keep in resentment and anger rather than express it and a |marked inability to forgive.' In addition, research suggests that cancer victims are ineffective in forming and/or maintaining close, long-term relationships with other people.

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