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A person who has survived for a prolonged period of time after the diagnosis and treatment of an aggressive cancer; 8.4 million Americans are long-term cancer survivors; aggressive cancers do not include 'garden variety' basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas of the skin, which respond well to local excision
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Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will next week join the international cancer community in recognizing National Cancer Survivors Day, raising awareness of the disease and demonstrating that life after a cancer diagnosis can be inspiring.
Abstract: Cancer survivors often experience a variety of physiological deficits resulting from cancer treatment such as reduced muscle strength, decreased range of motion and poor balance.
Approximately 20% of adult cancer survivors in the United States--roughly 2.5 million--take medication for anxiety or depression, a rate that is approximately twice that of the general population, according to a report published online in Journal of Clinical Oncology.
cancer survivors report at least one financial difficulty that resulted from their cancer diagnosis or treatment, finds a study published in March in Cancer.
Objective: Breast cancer survivors do not engage in appropriate levels of physical activity, despite the known benefits of such activity.
"I am proud as we witnessed thousands of people joining hands together along with the cancer survivors for a good cause and making commitment to help find ways to lessen the burdens a cancer diagnosis brings," said Canma President Raj Ramrachia.
A recent study reveals that cancer survivors are slightly less likely than others to adhere to national dietary guidelines.
Surviving cancer is a major accomplishment, but many cancer survivors miss out on the opportunity to fight preventable health conditions with one of the most powerful weapons: Diet.
LiveStrong, an international force in supporting cancer survivors, has awarded the Sarasota YMCA a grant to implement its whole-body health curriculum here; the local nonprofit is only the 21st Y in the country to be awarded the program.
Many cancer survivors are consuming fewer essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D, and higher amounts of saturated fat and sodium than are found in a healthy dietary pattern, according to a study published in CANCER, a journal of the American Cancer Society.
Breast cancer survivors are more likely to gain weight over a four-year period than women who have not had cancer, especially if they were treated with chemotherapy, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.
Gender-less underwear brand PLAY OUT's summer campaign this year featured a powerful body-positive photo series featuring breast cancer survivors who had undergone double mastectomies and chosen not to have breast reconstruction.

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