Cancer Disparity

Any difference in the incidence, prevalence, mortality and burden of cancer that exists among specific population groups in a developed country, which may result from differences in race/ethnicity, geography—urban vs. rural—gender, age, socioeconomic status, etc.
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This result highlights the presence of a cancer disparity by type of health insurance coverage in this age group, which warrants further research.
Incidence of later stage breast cancer in Appalachia is a key indicator of preventable breast cancer disparity and is partly influenced by patterns of regular access to mammography (Jacobellis and Cutter 2002; Oluwole et al.
As for policy implications, knowing that screening is related to later stage breast cancer disparity in Appalachia is as important as knowing place-specific associations.
The population-based studies on prostate cancer disparity were based on African American men only or compared African American men to other racial groups within the USA.
The new venture will work with community-based health organizations to prepare and train the staff in understanding cancer disparity issues.
Her talk addressed cancer disparity among Hispanics in Miami and the lessons learned and future challenges, based on her experience in Little Haiti.