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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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A scrappy second edition of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (DCHP-2), released online as www.
In the "Canadian English Lab" they completed the main data collection for the Bank of Canadian English by fall 2010, based on a data "harvesting" scheme and a list of codified Canadianisms compiled from three print dictionaries (Canadian Oxford Dictionary 2004, the Gage Canadian Dictionary 1997 and the ITP Nelson Dictionary 1997).
Toque," for the ubiquitous close-fitting winter hat, "one of the most widely known Canadianisms," is discussed in detail, ending with the dry note that "Today's common spelling toque with the pronunciation confuses many non-Canadians.
In the present study, we postulate five factors affecting the acquisition of Canadianisms by ESL learners, each of which is related to one of the main aspects of Gu's model.
In other words, degrees of usefulness exist among Canadianisms, and we do not expect learners to acquire them in random order.
Second, the longer a learner stays in Canada, the more likely he or she is to be exposed to a larger number of Canadianisms and to acquire them.
We posit a weak connection between English proficiency level and acquisition of Canadianisms because we surmise that other factors, which we are not attempting to measure-such as personality type--may be more relevant to the task.
Fourth, learners' native language might be a variable that affects their acquisition of Canadianisms.
Last but not least, we expect to find that international English learners studying in Canada are not systematically exposed to Canadianisms.
The second survey was administered to ESL teachers; it explored teachers' attitudes toward teaching Canadianisms and their approaches to teaching them.
The publishers hope that, as a contribution to Centennial thinking, the Dictionary of Canadianisms will assist in the identification, not only of Canadianisms but of whatever it is that we may call "Canadianism" (v)
8) In the concluding paragraph of the passage, the temporal, spatial, and ethnic range all collapse onto a tautology: the Dictionary of Canadianisms will contribute to Canadian identity because it contains Canadianisms.

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