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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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Unlike the largely accommodative attitude towards Britain, these contrasting impressions of America assumed the form of a serious national debate in Canada by the mid of the 20th century, resulting in the establishment of the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences (Commonly referred to as Massey Commission) mandated to assess Canadianism v/s foreign influences in the nation's cultural and intellectual life.
Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles: An Interesting Read
Photographs of their exhibitionist performances of popular Canadianism seemed designed to provide a symbolic sense of unity and feel good ambience.
If the participant offered a correct (or even approximately correct) explanation of the Canadianism, one mark was awarded.
current concept of multiculturalism and hyphenated Canadianism pursued by the Government of Canada.
One should not, however, be misled into thinking that a city captured in a variety of ways by a variety of filmmakers results in some sort of unified totality--a new Canadianism that is as unitary as the nationalist-realist ideology.
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This story, which opens with the statement that Rose is an actress who can fit in anywhere, proceeds to question that notion of fitting in by disarranging and rearranging rural Canadianism in a new light.
This is an event that will take its place as another major landmark in the development of a strong Canadianism.

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