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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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New Delhi [India] July 16( ANI ): Canadian-born Indian actress Sunny Leone's upcoming biopic web series "Karenjit Kaur: the Untold Story" title has made the Sikh Community unhappy.
Eventually, established immigrants' health outcomes will match those of Canadian-born residents.
When immigrant parents live in neighbourhoods with a high concentration of people from their same ethnic background, their babies weigh less than those of Canadian-born parents.
However, the difference is small (0.12 points lower than the Canadian-born) compared to life satisfaction differences between various immigrant groups and their source countries.
So maybe we should adopt this same policy here, starting with Mark Carney the Canadian-born governor of bank of England because I believe we have many people in this country who are capable of filling that position.
of Canadians born outside the country likely to attend religious services compared to 21% of Canadian-born people
The Canadian-born Governor said it "made sense" to get rid of the 11.3 billion coins in circulation, as they were effectively worthless today.
Earnings of Immigrant and Canadian-born Workers over the Last Two Decades.
Table 1 Employment Status by Gender and Immigration Status, 1998 Canadian-born youth Males Females N % N % Employed 1,513 72.4 1,421 77.2 Unemployed 576 27.6 419 22.8 Total 2,089 100.0 1,840 100.0 Immigrant-born youth Males Females N % N % Employed 116 79.5 114 87.7 Unemployed 30 20.5 16 12.3 Total 146 100.0 130 100.0 Refugee-born youth Males Females N % N % Employed 44 65.7 28 45.9 Unemployed 23 34.3 33 54.1 Total 67 100.0 61 100.0 Note: Chi-square is significant at p < .01 for Canadian-born youth and p<.05 for refugee youth.
The Canadian-born architect has never had a structure built in England before.
This was four times higher than the growth rate of 3.3% for the Canadian-born population during the same period.

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