Shouldice, Edward Earl

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Edward Earl, Canadian surgeon, 1890-1965.
Shouldice repair - surgical repair of inguinal hernias using 4-layered imbricated repair of inguinal canal. Synonym(s): Canadian repair
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ViaSats Ken Peterman, senior vice president and general manager, Government Systems Division added, We look forward to working with MDA to establish a Canadian repair and maintenance facility, especially as our Link 16 radiosfrom MIDS-LVT, Small Tactical Terminals, MIDS JTRS, and other Next Generation productsbecome increasingly deployed throughout the region.
In Chapter 5 Canadian repair work, an area that in the shipbuilding historiography is often dissected for its inefficiency and workers' bungling of designs and production schedules, receives a great deal of Pritchard's attention.
The more competitive shop and currency conversation rates against the Euro works in Canadian repair shops' favour.
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