Canadian classification

Ca·na·di·an clas·si·fi·ca·tion

(kă-nā'dē-ăn klas'i-fi-kā'shŭn)
System for description of angina pectoris developed by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.
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These records were identified using either specific Canadian Classification of Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Surgical Procedures (CCP) codes which correspond to the 9th revision of the International Classification of Disease (ICD-9), or Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI) procedure codes, which correspond to the ICD-10.
CCI refers to the Canadian Classification of Health Interventions, developed to accompany ICD-10-CA.
To consolidate the original 49 occupations into 36, we combined occupations having few observations with other occupations within the same major Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupation (CCDO) groupings.
10] The proportion (in percentage) of laser modalities among the total number of transurethral procedures overall, was calculated based on the Canadian Classification of Health Intervention (CCI) code for the procedures.
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