Canadian Medical Association Journal

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Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

the official publication of the Canadian Medical Association.
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2004), "Author Self-citation in the Diabetes Literature", Canadian Medical Association Journal 170 (13): p.
Now an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that the evidence for the use of omega-3 fatty acids is actually quite weak and that for preventing arrhythmia--where fish oil was originally considered the most beneficial - the evidence is particularly poor.
After examining closely the research available, we published a critical "Commentary" on the HPV vaccine in the peer-reviewed Canadian Medical Association Journal, and posted a larger policy paper on the topic on our website.
Given the recent turmoil within the Canadian Medical Association Journal, I hesitate to hold up the medical profession as a model, but I suggest we have much to learn from it.
See also Jeffrey Nisker & Angela White, "The CMA Code of Ethics and the Donation of Fresh Embryos for Stem Cell Research" (2005) 173 Canadian Medical Association Journal 621 [Nisker & White].
THESE WORDS by Joel Pauls Wohlgemut, appearing in his 2002 prize-winning Canadian Medical Association Journal article, "AIDS, Africa and indifference: A confession," are arguably some of the most courageous to appear in the academic literature in recent times.
In the ginseng study, results of which were published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal, volunteers who took CV Technologies' Cold-fX ginseng capsules reduced the incidence and frequency of colds by more than half.
Canadian Medical Association Journal, letter to the editor (18 August 2003), 169, pp.
A survey published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal of 5,000 women across Canada ages 55 to 95 found that while screening for major health concerns such as breast cancer and heart disease was being adequately addressed, family doctors were not talking to them about lifestyle issues.
The report, published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal in June 2004, analyzed data from eight previous studies, each of which included an average of 324 hospitals, and up to a million patients in total.
In a 2003 study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, for instance, Reardon and co-authors reported that women who undergo abortions end up being- admitted for psychiatric care more frequently than those who do not.
If that had happened, "Toronto would very likely have been spared a SARS outbreak on the scale it has worked so admirably to contain," Rodier wrote in a commentary for the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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