Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

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Ca·na·di·an Den·tal Hy·gien·ists As·so·ci·a·tion

(CDHA) (kă-nādē-ăn dentăl hī-gēnists ă-sōsē-āshŭn)
Professional organization of dental hygienists in Canada; its mission is to promote the public's oral health and to advance the practice and techniques of dental hygiene.
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(1.) Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Job market and employment survey: Report of findings.
Joanna Asadoorian: I am currently working on contract with the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and am involved in various volunteer positions with CDHA.
The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and the National Center for Dental Hygiene Research Et Practice thank all of the sponsors who made this global conference possible:
A meeting between the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) Research Advisory Committee and the NCDHRP Advisory Committee during that conference led to the decision to co-host an international meeting in Ottawa in October 2017 during Canada's 150th birthday celebrations.
In the spirit of continuous improvement and development, the journal has sponsored an annual research award and has taken a more active presence at the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association's biennial national conference.

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