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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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In the second part of the collection, Verduyn and Koustas have selected a group of essays that acknowledge the legacy and significance of Canadian Studies research and scholarship.
The Canadian Pavilion will feature close to 30 companies, among the 3,500 exhibitors participation in Arab Health 2013.
* Review the competitiveness of the Canadian corporate income tax structure, especially the tax rates, and encourage the provinces to follow suit with a review of their income, capital, and sales tax regimes; encourage the provinces to harmonize their sales tax systems with the GST, as well.
While profits in 2002 and 2003 were nothing to write home about, they should almost triple to C$3.4 billion by 2006 if the Canadian dollar stabilizes, according to a report by the Conference Board.
There have been limited successes such as Istvan Szabo's Being Julia and Geoffrey Sax's White Noise, but both are co-productions and by foreign directors, so they don't fit into the official canon of bonafide Canadian cinema.
The Canadian industrial market is also a good one to watch.
BIG products are primarily targeted to Canadian professionals but also include resources for a U.S.
An important CCPG committee, the Canadian Geoscience Standards Board (CGSB) has just begun to review the existing agreement of Canadian academic requirements used as the basis of the IAMA signed in 2001.
Ernst & Young's guide to the taxation of Canadian charities.
While denying that Muslims were about to push for polygamy, Canadian Islamic Congress president Mohamed Elmasry caused a stir in 2005 when he publicly defended polygamy as "a positive family force." Sayd Mumtaz Mi, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, was more forward when he said last year that if same-sex marriage were legalized in Canada, Muslim polygamists would be within their rights to push for legalization of their own way of life.
At the Canadian synod, bishops sit with their diocesan delegation in one house and resolutions are handled in a single setting.

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