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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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Pluralism, subjectivism, secularism-these three words practically sum up the history of the last 40 years in Canada, especially in Quebec, Canada's once--Catholic province.
Air Canada's expenses rose 5.5%, with fuel accounting for almost two-thirds of that amount.
The Canadian Pharmacists Association expressed concern that this activity could be a threat to Canada's supply.
one that goes beyond the statutory tax rate itself and takes the overall impact of the business tax system on investment decisions into account." TEI concurs and notes that a recent study questions the competitiveness of Canada's business tax system, (2) calling for additional tax rate reductions by 2010.
Where electronics recycling is concerned, the western prairie province of Alberta thus far has Canada's first such program, which was launched in October of 2004.
This is not typical of Canada's trade actions with the United States.
As reported by KCRG-TV (Cedar Rapids) on September 15, Chretien claimed that Canada's "single-payer health care system works well, but isn't perfect....
Much of Canada's new architecture is located in these cities and reflects the policies of a strong social democracy.
Yet for all the fuss that's been made over Canada's pioneering foray into gay matrimony, an Advocate analysis shows that far fewer couples are taking the plunge than expected.
Two-thirds of Canada's estimated 300,000 wildlife species live in the forest.
"Genome Canada's contribution to The Blueprint Initiative represents one of our largest investments in Ontario to date," said Dr.

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