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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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Canada's socially liberal legal elites are just using the gay marriage movement, fundamentalist Mormons, and Muslim immigrants to get what they're truly after: the slow-motion abolition of marriage.
Head further west and you'll find Canada's "breadbasket" -- the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
Apparently, even a device used to protect oneself from deadly chemicals and literature from one of Canada's most notorious militant outfits weren't enough to rouse her suspicion.
As a result of changes in company compensation policies and practices as well as the evolution of non-tax laws affecting pension and welfare benefit plans, many company benefit plans may not fit squarely within Revenue Canada's published administrative positions, even though the plans clearly satisfy the requisite statutory definitions for a plan.
Hendrick called for "a mix of policies designed to reduce government deficits and debt load, to retrain disproportionate increases in Canadian prices, taxes and wage costs relative to Canada's competitors and to enhance Canada's competitiveness.
Canada's trade surplus with its southern neighbor increased tremendously in the early 1980s, from $500 million in 1979 to $15.
Air Canada's pilots have asked a court to block the airline's parent from paying out CAD$2 billion (USD$1.
Canada's recent immigrants: a comparative portrait based on the 2001 census.
Ted Byfield, one of Canada's best known journalists, contributes columns to the Calgary Sun and Western Standard.
What the disparity does reflect is a tendency among American reporters to state or imply that Canada's increasingly intense debate about its universal health insurance program is evidence that its program is in "crisis" and that universal, government-financed health insurance programs are bound to fail.
On September 17, 1998, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments regarding Canada's tax administration of electronic commerce.
With headquarters in Winnipeg, this new company will operate one of Canada's largest computer and telecommunications networks and have annual revenues of $190 million.

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