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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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TEI concurs and notes that a recent study questions the competitiveness of Canada's business tax system, (2) calling for additional tax rate reductions by 2010.
Canada's antipolygamy laws stand in the way of Bailey's true goal: the creation of a modern, secular, "non-patriarchal" relationship system that would allow for marriage-like unions in any combination of number or gender.
Four of the five Great Lakes wash onto the southern shores of Ontario, Canada's most populated province.
Canada's political elite took this as a slap in the face.
Revenue Canada's position on LLCs is a concern principally when an LLC does business in Canada through a branch, offers anything for sale in Canada or receives income from a Canadian resident subject to Canadian withholding tax.
Most people don't assess Canada's health care plan on the basis of how "high tech" it is or on how we treat people who really need health care intervention.
The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) wants governments to form a task force to assess Canada's relative attractiveness as a place for mineral exploration and development.
ACE Aviation Chief Executive Robert Milton said last summer the company intends to distribute up to CAD$2 billion of capital to shareholders over time in a process that will result in the spinoff of Canada's biggest airline.
Canada's commitment to equality: a gender analysis of the last ten federal budgets (1995-2004), Armine Yalnizyan, Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action, Ottawa, ISBN 1-897159-01-3 www.
He saw this as something in Canada's favour, though it in fact means that Canadians tend to do as we are told.
The three major reports on Canada, by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and ABC News, used the overcrowding problem as evidence that Canada's universal health insurance program was critically flawed.

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