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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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"I came to Canada solely because of its political attractions; its Government is the most corrupt in the world."
"Let my Canada father come," returned the other, evasively; "his children are ready to see him."
Then they fled to the Delawares--for, say they, the Delawares are our friends; their minds are turned from their Canada father!"
Smyth, a respectable woman from the settlement in Canada, whither they were fleeing, being fortunately about crossing the lake to return thither, had consented to appear as the aunt of little Harry; and, in order to attach him to her, he had been allowed to remain, the two last days, under her sole charge; and an extra amount of petting, jointed to an indefinite amount of seed-cakes and candy, had cemented a very close attachment on the part of the young gentleman.
George and his wife stood arm in arm, as the boat neared the small town of Amherstberg, in Canada. His breath grew thick and short; a mist gathered before his eyes; he silently pressed the little hand that lay trembling on his arm.
She had been removed to the keen air of Canada when she left her birthplace.
In the College of Upper Canada, which is one of the public establishments of the city, a sound education in every department of polite learning can be had, at a very moderate expense: the annual charge for the instruction of each pupil, not exceeding nine pounds sterling.
The latter place, which is now the seat of government in Canada, is a very poor town, rendered still poorer in the appearance of its market-place by the ravages of a recent fire.
He returned abruptly to the subaltern officer and the regiment in Canada. "That poor fellow's story was as miserable a one as ever I heard," he said, looking back again absently at the visitors' list.
`mebbe Providence thinks Canada needs a real long spell of humiliation.' Ah, Susan, have YOU heard the news?
There's a meeting of British engineers, and I'm doing another bridge in Canada, you know."
Nevertheless, the brave little creature did so fix her heart on her brother's rescue, that while he was ringing out these doleful changes, she pinched and scraped enough together to ship him for Canada. When he was tired of nothing to do, and disposed in its turn to cut even that, he graciously consented to go to Canada.