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Pieter, Dutch physician and anatomist, 1721-1789. See: Camper chiasm, fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Camper ligament, Camper line, Camper plane.
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Try taking a walk with the camper away from the rest of the campers in a location that is at the same time private and in view of others.
Add the excitement of the outdoors--and the incomparable friendship of quality young men and women--and campers are in for a truly unique experience.
The next step is to find a time when you can take the two or three campers on the "play-date." The activity itself should be something that can be easily arranged and is active or just a lot of fun, like baking cookies, roasting marshmallows at a campfire site (boys in particular love making fires), or going to the water park or swimming together (as long as they can be in a group by themselves with the counselor away from other campers).
Of the 512 campers that attend camp each summer, about 97 percent are children who belong to ethnic minorities (63 percent Hispanic and around 34 percent African American).
For campers and staff, Green River is a "No Discount" zone--"put-ups" rather than "put-downs" are encouraged.
Enrollment numbers based on age of campers was also a concern this summer.
Role-playing scenarios like this with campers can be very effective.
If conflicts have been successfully overcome, campers are willing to share on a deeper level with each other.
* Severe homesickness is preventable in first-year campers.
Here are some numbers based on the most up-to-date research about your campers and young staff:
The camp, of course, will want to describe the camp experience in a way that attracts campers interested in what the camp has to offer and in numbers which are profitable.
The old camp mission statement, written forty, sixty, or eighty years ago may no longer resonate with today's campers and parents.