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Pieter, Dutch physician and anatomist, 1721-1789. See: Camper chiasm, fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Camper ligament, Camper line, Camper plane.
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With finance packages and part-exchange deals, now is the time to get your camper van on the road.
Despite its compact size the camper van concepts the demountable cabin from bodybuilder Tischer offers a comfortable sleeping system in an alcove 150cm wide, headroom of almost two metres, a kitchen with a three-burner gas stove and three cosy seats.
With great finance packages and part-exchange deals available, and summer on the horizon, now is the time to get your camper van on the road.
Camper van conversion specialist Wellhouse Leisure is keen to bring its operations at Shepley and Shelley onto a single site - but wants to stay within a fivemile radius of its Shepley base.
We decided this year that we would have four of the California camper vans available to hire to ensure fewer people were left disappointed at not being able to get hold of one for their holiday.
Clive Skelhon, from the museum, said: "We're expecting around 20 camper vans and motor homes turning out - but there could be more.
A camper van was the most popular type of vehicle that people said would encourage them to take more breaks.
VW fans Kel Muers, on the left, and Craig Andrews show off their matching camper vans, left, and two Beetles go on show at the Volkspower event in Redcar.
While camper vans are welcomed on the Western Isles, this is a management issue.
I've learned so much about running a company within just a few weeks and I'm loving every minute of it - especially as I'm getting to work with my favourite VW camper vans every day.
Bridgend council began examining potential sites in 2006 amid complaints that camper vans were parking overnight on the Eastern Promenade.
Owners of camper vans and motor homes who love to travel in these vehicles will relish HOME AWAY FROM HOME: THE WORLD OF CAMPER VANS AND MOTORHOMES.