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Pieter, Dutch physician and anatomist, 1721-1789. See: Camper chiasm, fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Camper ligament, Camper line, Camper plane.
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Two phrases often dominate the homesick camper's mind: "I want to go home," and, in some cases, "My parents said they would pick me up if I didn't like camp." I call these "mantras" because the camper has convinced themselves that going home is the only option.
We often have campers who, no matter how carefully we try to place them in a group, just don't seem to fit in.
Even though we rarely allow campers to call home, we allow parents to call their children during mealtime.
Growing up in an increasingly competitive and stressful world, it is important for our campers to learn healthy and rewarding ways to spend their leisure time.
* Independent for-profit camps indicated that their overall camper enrollment was between 90 percent-99 percent capacity while religiously-affiliated camps had the lowest average capacity at 80 percen-89 percent.
Since most bullying is a problem for the 20 percent of children at the bottom of the social confidence ladder, it is critical to find things that make these campers shine and feel successful.
This is the stage that gives counselors and campers alike a sense of pride in their group.
At camp, self-report questionnaires were administered every other day to assess campers' moods, levels of homesickness, and satisfaction with camp.
Here are some numbers based on the most up-to-date research about your campers and young staff:
Does the camper have interests that are different than those of the parents?
The data collection consisted of a two-part written survey administered before and after the camper's wilderness expedition.
Your software plays a couple of important roles in the preparation, including assigning methods of transportation to each camper, documenting travel particulars, and identifying campers for whom you do not have travel arrangements.