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Pieter, Dutch physician and anatomist, 1721-1789. See: Camper chiasm, fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Camper ligament, Camper line, Camper plane.
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"The bottom line is we wanted to engage the whole community and have them take part in getting our children ready for school," Campa said.
I commence with the benchmark Tobit model by following Campa's methodology, after which I use the ZIP model to determine the extent to which specification matters.
Campa has also accused Silva Herzog of meeting secretly with the PRD and scheming to bribe voters.
Much before the CAMPA was passed by the Indian Parliament, the Jharkhand government had already started the processes for enforcement of the CAMPA.
Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte said, "Since the residents would not come in the way of civic action, our officers would proceed to the Campa Cola [ complex] on Monday and severe power, gas and water connections of the illegal flats.
"The irony of this situation is that as all the action is taken against Campa Cola, even now after being given an assurance that if the utilities are cut out, even then, the 67000 permissible FSI will be with the residents, the question that still remains in the residents' mind is that why only Campa Cola Society when there are 56000 buildings like this in the city if Mumbai," said Shaina.
Well simply because as children's toys and books and the little bit of utensils that the slum dwellers owned were thrown out of the hutments each day, it seemed like no one -- as was the case during the Campa Cola demolition -- was losing his sleep over their plight.
Diana Campa: What we are hearing from families is that they're not sure what an IA assignment is.
Explaining that financial assets are covered by EU investment laws while electronic payments came under payments rules, Campa told the European Parliament's economic affairs committee: "There is a big gap in between where most of these assets fall."
The money, released under the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA), was handed over by Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar at a meeting of State Forest Ministers and Authorities here.

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