coming out

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Gay vernacular referring to openly acknowledging that one's sexuoerotic orientation is homosexual, derived from the phrase, 'coming out of the closet'
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coming out

Sexology Gay vernacular, from the phrase, “coming out of the closet”, referring to acknowledging to oneself and others, homophilic sexuoerotic orientation. See Closet.
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Q. I am trying to come out of my alcoholic addiction but it’s in vain. I am trying to come out of my alcoholic addiction but it’s in vain. I ask myself why? Is alcoholism inherited?

A. Derik;; I dont know what you are doing for your addiction but I will give you some pointers===You have to go into recovery.try a 30 day in-patiant re-hab so that you can detox your body,If you cant do that call alcoholics anonymous--and start going to meetings every day--if you cant do that here is a web site where you can go to meetings on line(IN THE key to recovery is that you cant do it by yourself,because you are powerless over your addiction,it has nothing to do with how strong your will is. If you have a family they have to help you stay sober one day at a time,find someone at a meeting that will be your sponsor(friend)they will help you to get well---mrfoot56

Q. I am showing signs of did I cope to come out of the stress? From my childhood I have showed interest in dancing and have got several prizes in the dance competition. Of late, I am showing signs of depression. I remember the day when I had to rehearsal for the huge dance competition being organized by the leading music corporation. I wasn’t able to go with the steps correctly due to the stress which I have very recently developed. I did see some participants who enjoyed good mood and danced well. The dance reflected their happiness. They were not at all stressed rather they were enjoying. I have shared this with my dad and he has helped me to reduce my stress and motivated me with self confidence. With my dad’s help I slowly developed positive vibes and started to practice with more energy. The fire in me at last made me to win the competition though in the mid of the practice session I again felt the stress which made me depressed but I helped myself. This has made me popular and I get offers from leading movie directors and channels. Though this happened with my hard work, I tend to think what made me stressed up and how did I cope to come out of the stress?

A. A stress is required to make you alert and if you are not able to hold this alertness then this stress will rise. The alerted person with the first sign of stress will make the course of stress to deviate to a positive side. If the stress is taken in the negative aspect then it may overrun you. When you discussed with your father he helped to boost your confidence thereby boosting your alertness. Next time you have yourself boosted the alertness to this positive role which motivated you. Good Luck!

Q. can dairy allergy come out as asthma attack? can only people who suffer from asthma get breathing attacks or can it also be like this one-time-attack for healthy people??

A. thanks everyone!

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That night she visited her mother--who was recovering from a hysterectomy--in the hospital and came out of the closet. "She was drugged," Simone remembers, "so she just said, "That's OK, I still love you.' And then she fell asleep."
I'm very happy for Scott Merritt that after years of struggling with his sexuality, he came out of the closet. I'm happy that another closeted gay man begrudgingly accepted who he is and can now live happily ever after.